How to help your family to completely free you from drug addiction?

The discovery of the families, relatives, leaders, and colleagues of drug addicts should help them understand the dangers and seriousness of drug use so that they can see that the drug addiction users are in front of the abyss, that is, death, to awaken their rationality and conscience. Different specific measures could be taken depending on the situation.

Some are willing adventurers out of curiosity, fun or not believing in the magic of drugs. If an obstetrician and gynecologist overestimated their determination and perseverance, take risks, try drugs, several times, drug addiction, ever want to stop drugs, eventually because they cannot tolerate the pain of withdrawal symptoms and repeated drug use, so that drug addiction more and more heavy, difficult to extricate themselves. Therefore, here must warn those who are foolish, do not despise the temptation of drugs, to the cliff the horse, do not take a step across the mining pool. Those who are troubled by psychological factors and want to take drugs to seek a moment’s euphoria to relieve their troubles must be aware that this unwise way of drinking to quench thirst and dig for sores can have very serious consequences.

The only way is to have psychological counseling to solve psychological problems. Drug addicts users themselves must make a strong determination to recover immediately and receive the necessary treatment and rehabilitation measures. Their families should be sent as soon as possible to the health administrative departments to approve and approve the formal drug addiction treatment institutions to drug treatment, do not light channel hearsay those unscientific propaganda, such as the seven ancestral drug treatment secret recipe, within a few days to cure drug addiction, cure addiction and so on. For those drug users who have repeatedly failed to change their teachings, who have repeatedly used drugs or who have committed illegal and disciplinary acts, they may be forced to drug treatment by the public security department. Drug treatment refers to drug users to quit the use of drugs, injection of drugs and drug addiction. Drug addiction treatment for drug addicts should generally consist of three stages: detoxification -rehabilitation – rehabilitation into social counseling. Natural withdrawal, drug and non-drug withdrawal are now commonly used. Current common drug treatment methods.

  • The natural withdrawal method, also known as the dry withdrawal method. This refers to the compulsory interruption of drug supply of drug users, only to provide diet and general care so that their withdrawal symptoms naturally subside and achieve the purpose of detoxification a drug addiction treatment method. It is characterized by no medicine, the disadvantage is more painful.
  • Drug withdrawal, also known as drug detoxification therapy. Refers to the drug users to take withdrawal drugs, to replace, decreasing methods, to alleviate, reduce the pain of drug users withdrawal symptoms, and gradually reach the method of detoxification. It is characterized by the use of drugs detoxifying.
  • Non-drug withdrawal. This refers to the use of acupuncture, physiotherapy equipment, etc., to reduce the reaction of drug user’s withdrawal symptoms of a drug treatment method. It is characterized by assisted means and psychological lucidity to alleviate the pain of drug users’ withdrawal symptoms to achieve the goal of detoxification. The disadvantage is that it is long and incomplete. I hope that the vast number of patients can timely understand the harm of drugs, establish the determination to fight drug addiction. Drug treatment must have patience and perseverance, Chemo three days fishing, two days of netting, the previous efforts abandoned. When you find your loved ones, there is the phenomenon of drug use, we must stop in time, and help them to the formal drug treatment places, receive isolation, so as not to affect the happiness of patients in life.

What is the main role of families helps drug addicts to recover from drug addiction?

Family members live together every day, and their intimacy is unmatched by any social group. Therefore, it is the family that is most easily aware of drug abuse violations, and it is the family that most directly and most effectively helps drug users to recover from drug addiction. Families help drug addicts to quit the drug should pay attention to do the following things:

  • if found that family members have drug abuse violations, to urge drug users to voluntary drug addiction treatment centers or compulsory drug addiction treatment centers. If you have become addicted to drugs, it is best to send a compulsory drug treatment center to drug treatment.
  • During the drug addiction treatment center, often visit drug addicts, encourage them to confess the source of drugs, pain determination to quit drug addiction, and often maintain contact with drug treatment centers, understand their ideological trends, and drug treatment centers closely cooperate to do a good job in education.
  • drug users out of the house, on the one hand, to pay close attention to his words and deeds, especially with the people, on the other hand, to treat them correctly, live more care, more help in thought.
  • actively cooperate with the community and police stations to its implementation of help. Regularly report their performance to the community and police stations, and regularly urge them to take urine tests in rehab.

Among them, in the process of drug treatment and addiction, home care needs to pay attention to the following points:

  • Drug use or use of drug-related substitutes is strictly prohibited during the period of DE-addiction.
  • the period of drug prohibition of bean products, raw, cold, sour, spicy and supplements (three seven, ginseng, etc.) do not drink tea, coffee, do not use cold water, not cool, eat less and eat more meals, take easy-to-digest food.
  • the period of de-addiction prohibits patients from going outside, and prohibits patients from contacting the outside world.
  • good management of patients may not self-injury and self-harm.
  • patients have something please feel free to contact the guidance doctor.

Home care after withdrawal includes the following links:

  • to help drug addicts to establish a normal order of life and develop good living habits. Correct their night activities when they take drugs, sleep late during the day habits, urge them to get up on time, rest, such as insomnia, try not to use sleeping pills and so on, but to psychological treatment and physical therapy-based. Even if insomnia, day 2 to let them get up on time, can not create and let go.
  • Help them participate in healthy recreational activities and maintain stable emotions, avoid pessimism, depression, depression and so on. Try to adjust their bad mood and get rid of drug-hungry thoughts, such as walking with them, going on outings, or traveling, deepening emotional communication, etc.
  • to create a suitable family environment for rest and recuperation. After returning home from best addiction treatment center in Islamabad, take good care of their lives, reduce their mental and psychological stress, eliminate concerns, and give spiritual support.
  • pay attention to maintain and restore the social adaptability of drug addicts. Increase their recognition ability and anti-virus awareness, so that psychological activities and social adaptation and adjustment consistency, to achieve the purpose of anti-resuscitation

What happens to people who take drugs for a long time?

Drugs are so dangerous. Why do teenagers still smoke? The causes of drug addiction & abuse among adolescents are complex and diverse. There are many social and personal reasons, as well as physical and psychological reasons. Overview of the status of youth drug addiction use.

The main reasons leading to drug abuse are as follows:

  1. Curiosity drives young people to develop their physical and mental development, the world outlook and outlook on life have not yet formed, naive thinking, curiosity is the unique psychology of this age group. Everything has a strong curiosity and desire to explore. However, they often lack the necessary cultural and scientific knowledge and the ability to discern right from wrong. When they hear that “the fun is endless” after taking drugs, they want to give it a try. Some people also know that drug addict use is harmful, but they are led astray by the risk-taking and chance-making psychology of a try.
  2. Family environment impact: The family environment plays an important role in the growth of young people. A good family environment can promote and guarantee the healthy growth of adolescents physically and mentally, and a bad family environment often becomes an important reason for juvenile delinquency. In particular, the words and deeds of the parents of the first teacher in life have a direct impact on the development of young people. Parents who behave inappropriately often become their children’s evil role models, and their children lead the way in violations of the law. According to a survey of 100 urban drug addicts under the age of 25 in a certain city, almost all drug abuse youths suffer from a lack of family and social education. According to a survey by a drug addiction treatment center on the relationship between adolescent drug addicts use and the family environment in a certain city, 30% of drug abuse was caused by divorced parents, family incompleteness, and lack of family warmth; 28% of drug addiction affected by family drug use members; and family doting Of which, 5% are spoiled for drug addiction.
  3. Personal careless: people as “summary of social relations”, will necessarily have relationships with similar people around them, engage in contacts, and form friends and other relationships in long-term contacts. Making friends plays a very important role in your life. Making a good friend can have a good impact on your work and life throughout your life, and making a bad friend may affect your future and make your life dull. So for young people, making friends should be very cautious, so as not to regret lifelong because of friends’ mistakes. Judging from the situation of drug abuse teenagers, a considerable part of them is because of the accidental use of personals by drug addiction users. According to a survey conducted by a drug addiction treatment center, 76.92% of drug abuse adolescents are addicted to drugs because they are curious about their drug use and are seduced by friends.
  4. Caused by mental emptiness: The adolescent stage is the golden period of life and the “dangerous period” of life. In this period, their outlook on life, values, and world outlook have not yet been finalized. They are immature physically and psychologically and are experiencing the most intense emotional changes in life. This period is the most susceptible to external influences. Once you encounter setbacks such as life difficulties, interpersonal conflicts, marriage failures, and setbacks in employment, you will be discouraged, mentally decadent, and empty. In order to make up for the empty mind, we look for various stimuli, and drugs are an item that can give people a strong stimulus in a short period of time. Therefore, these mentally empty young people often get drug addiction and try to find comfort in drugs. A survey of 116 drug abuse adolescents by drug addiction treatment center showed that 40% of them were addicted to drugs because of mental emptiness, in order to get stimulation from drugs and seek comfort.

Drug addiction and how Psychiatrists help to the drug addicts people?

For many people, drinking is just a pleasant way to relax. However, alcoholics drink too much, endangering themselves and others. This question-and-answer sheet explains the problem of drug addiction and how psychologists can help people recover or through drug addiction treatment.

When | how did drinking become a problem?

Alcoholism is a drinking pattern that can lead to serious and recurrent adverse consequences. Drug Addict may not be able to perform their primary school, work or family obligations. They may have legal problems related to drinking, such as drink-driving and multiple arrests. They may have relationship problems related to alcohol consumption.

Although the serious drug addiction problem is the most widely concerned by the public, even mild to moderate problems can cause significant harm to individuals, families and communities.

What causes alcohol-related diseases?

There are many reasons for problem drinking or drug addiction, and genetic, physiological, psychological and social factors all play a role. Not everyone is equally affected by every reason. For some alcoholics, psychological characteristics such as impassivity, low self-esteem and the need for approval can lead to inappropriate drinking. Some people drink alcohol or drug to cope with or “cure” emotional problems. Social and environmental factors, such as peer pressure and easy-to-access alcohol, can play a key role. Poverty and physical or sexual abuse also increase the risk of alcohol dependence.

Once people start drug drinking, the problem can persist. Excessive drinking can cause physiological changes, making more alcohol consumption the only way to avoid discomfort. Alcoholics can drink part of their alcohol to reduce or avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Addiction How Does Addiction Affect People?

Although some studies have shown that small amounts of alcohol may have beneficial cardiovascular effects, it is widely believed that excessive drinking can lead to health problems.

Short-term effects include memory loss and hangovers. Long-term problems associated with alcohol abuse include stomach disease, heart disease, cancer, brain damage, severe memory loss and cirrhosis. Alcoholics also significantly increased the likelihood of death in car accidents, murders and suicides.

Drug addiction problems is a very negative impact on mental health problem. Alcoholics and alcoholism can worsen existing depression conditions or lead to new problems such as severe memory loss, depression, or anxiety.

When should someone ask for help?

Some alcoholics try to solve problems. With the support of family or friends, these people are often able to recover on their own. However, those who rely on alcohol often do not stop drinking through willpower. Many people need outside help. They may need medical supervision to detoxify to avoid potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, such as seizures. Once people are stable, they may need to help resolve psychological problems associated with drinking.

There are several ways to drug Addiction Treatment problems. There is no one way to work best for everyone.

How can psychologists help us?

Trained and experienced psychologists in the treatment of alcohol can help in many ways. Psychologists can instruct families or others to help increase their motivations for change before drinkers seek help.

Psychologists can start with drinkers by assessing the type and extent of the problems they experience. The results of the assessment can provide initial treatment guidance for drinkers and help motivate problematic drinkers to get treatment. People with alcohol or drug addict problems improve their chances of recovery by seeking early help.

Psychologists use one or more of several psychotherapy therapies to help people solve their drug addiction problems. Psychologists have developed many of these therapies, including cognitive-behavioral response skill therapy and motivational enhancement therapy.

These therapies can help people increase motivation to abstain from alcohol, identify the environment in which alcohol is triggered, learn new ways to respond to high-risk drinking environments, and build social support systems within their communities.

Because a person may experience one or more relapses and return to a problem drinking state with best addiction treatment center in Islamabad, it is critical that a trusted psychologist or other health professional can discuss and learn from these events. Psychologists can help reduce alcohol use and problems if drinkers don’t fully solve the problem of alcohol.

Drug Addiction diseases seriously damage function and health. However, the prospect of successful lying out long-term problems is beneficial to those seeking appropriate sources of assistance.

Some Tips to Prevent Drug Addict

  1. With the eye to know people, away from some improper friends, avoid some fish and dragon mixed places
  2. When working outside, do not easily accept food handed over by others, especially opened food (such as open drinks, cigarettes, etc.)
  3. Pay attention to their behavior and interests;
  4. If you feel that they have similar symptoms of drug addicts use, contact the relevant departments or best addiction treatment center in Islamabad in a timely manner.
  5. Be careful not to go to illegal places.
  6. Learning doesn’t feel guilty about rejection
  7. Learn how to say “no” to drugs in the right way

Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle

It’s hard for you to exercise hard while taking drugs. If your body is dull and your mind is not clear, all running, coordination and teamwork can become very difficult. So staying active through exercise is a good way to stay away from drugs. Staying active also allows your body to secrete endorphins, improve your mood and relieve certain stress.

How to Prevent being "Alcoholism" without your knowledge?

Just a few days ago, Mr. Ronald was stopped by traffic police, after testing found positive urine test, Mr. Ronald recalled that he did not take drugs addicts, but the drug test board will not deceive people.

It is understood that Mr. Ronald is a small invitation to SKTV singing, after feeling unwell, before driving back and forth, on the way to traffic police stopped, traffic police guess maybe singing k on the way to drink by the people “added” drink, what exactly needs further testing.

Although we say not to speculate on other people with the greatest malice, do not allow everyone around us will be full of goodwill to you, in the face of the evil people we still need to pay more attention.

We say that a person’s drug addict use begins in two cases:

First, active drug use

Second, passive drug use

Active drug use is generally voluntary, with the subjective will to contact and use drugs, they subjectively seek drugs addict, willing to contact drugs;

Although active drug addict use indeed accounts for a large proportion of drug users, many drug addict users are also victims, because they do not use drugs out of their intention.

In the face of these forced drug addict users Sara feel very sad, drug use is extremely harmful to the body, we must strengthen the awareness of drug protection, to protect themselves.

How to avoid unknowingly taking drugs?

Illegitimate entertainment venues should be less

drug addiction traffickers all year-round are such unorthodox entertainment venues, where fish and dragon mixed, very mobile people, so in some places more likely to gather more “addicts”, most of their drug trade is carried out here, the trade can also sit and “suck”.

such entertainment venues, because the operation is not legitimate enough, most do not have the relevant business license, concealment is very high, not easy to be found.

Things handed over by strangers don’t pick up

Early age parents, teachers have taught: strangers do not pick up things! Whether it’s making you smoke, drink, or some handed-in candy, pills, such things are likely to be mixed with something, such as some soluble drugs can be put into the drink, and for example, some drug camouflage technology “fire pure green”, looks like we eat small candy, rickety eating is also possible, Like some opened food, open drinks, please do not want to be small cheap, want to eat a fine light.

Improper friends can also be harmful to people’s hearts

We make friends, it is best to have the ability to see people if found to be some bad friends do not have to have contact, away from them to better protect themselves, the other half of the people are interested animals, holding not good-hearten with you to get to know friends, must be want to from you to get something.

Avoid making friends with people who have taken drugs Addict and drug trafficking

Is best to avoid knowing people who have drug addict use, drug trafficking, even if you make it clear that you do not take drugs, when they encourage you to take drugs when righteous words of rejection, does not mean that you will not take drugs if there are already drug users around, then we should take the initiative to keep their distance, but not too close, do not want to stay too far away, keep the appropriate distance.

Strengthening drug awareness

Should learn to distinguish between common drugs, increase awareness of drugs, many people misuse drugs are because they do not know, in the case of understanding drugs, many people will not want to go to drugs, every year because they do not know drugs and the proportion of people who use drugs is also very large.

Our country, the popular science of anti-drug propaganda and best addiction treatment center in Islamabad knowledge has been very strong, we accept other new things at the same time, but also to appropriately increase the problem of drug ideological education, only more understanding can better protect themselves.

How to talk when someone says no!

In fact, in work life, those “maybe you said right, but I just don’t want to hear” situation fully. And through the subtle language design, influence others is rare.

People are everywhere, it is inevitable to deal with people. How to convince the other party, let the other side listen to, and then resolve the dispute, reach a cooperative, is very important ability.

Use questions as a positive guide

Some time ago, my mother drove an electric car in town, accidentally hit the ground bulging stone and lost control and fell. Because the speed was quite fast, my mother flew out, broke 3 ribs on the spot, need to stay in bed for 2 months. You know my mother is the kind of week to ask friends to travel, evening to dance in the square dance activists. In the face of flying disaster, depressed she, can only lie in a boring hospital bed alas sigh.

I asked her a question: How in your brothers and sisters, your character is the most cheerful, most like to laugh?

After this question is thrown out, my mother naturally ponders the answer to the question, and every brain flashes the reason, in fact, is to strengthen her optimistic and cheerful image, this is the power of asking questions.

It is worth noting that the key to asking questions is to trigger positive thinking.

Or the scene above, if I asked, “Since the accident has happened, why you regret complaining?”. “The result is predictable: “Why regret it?” Of course I regret that if I hadn’t had that damn stone, if I hadn’t been so fast…”

So you see, according to your intention, set up the problem is the key to guidance. Remember, people don’t like to be persuaded by others because, to some extent, it means showing weakness to others and giving in to others.

Instead of putting out a whole bunch of reasons to try to convince the other person, cleverly using questions to guide the other person, and ultimately letting the other person “convince themselves” is an effective way to increase influence.

Use the interests of the other party to persuade the other party

“This project plan will be submitted at the end of the month, please help me to look at it.”

“We’ll have a meeting on Wednesday, and I’m going to get a summary of last month’s sales figures.”

A lot of times, we put low-profile, good words and advice, and the other side is a pair of not impatient, love to ignore the look. Persuading the other person with the other’s interests is a more effective way of influencing it than asking for help in a humble gesture. Because everyone only cares about what’s going on with themselves.

There used to be a segment on the network:

A man picked up heavy luggage to catch the train. Encountered pedestrians on the road, he said kindly: “Hello, please let it go.” I’m in a hurry. As a result, no one took him to him. So he changed his words: “Mom, let me, be careful to hit you.” “Beauty, borrow it, and carefully cut your stockings.”……

Using the other side’s interests to persuade the other side, in fact, is also a transposition of thinking. Emphasize the position, thinking about the other side’s interest’s gain or loss, the other side is naturally better accepted.

Between relatives, use “good for me” instead of “for your own good”

Persuading others with their own interests will work in most cases. Only among loved ones, but it is not. Because the closer we are to your family, the more we give us a sense of correcting our feelings and making us feel that freedom is being interfered with.

At this time, it is necessary to find another way, from their own point of view, with their own interests to persuade relatives, with “good for me” to persuade each other.

We are all social animals, in the human society, we naturally have a kind of to be good to others, especially to their own people. Therefore, if the object of influence is your loved ones, their own people, with “for my own good” to persuade, often more effective.

World affairs are all learning, human feelings, that is, the article. Speaking is an art and a bridge between people. I want to use language to influence others, not to let you to fool, but with good intentions to give the people around them a positive impact, have better interpersonal relationships.

Article: How to talk when someone says no

What is difference between bipolar disorder and depression?

Many people do not know the difference between bipolar disorder and depression, think that the two are a disease, in fact, bipolar disorder and depression is different, the following small editor to take you to understand the difference between bipolar disorder and depression.

  1. The age of onset: bipolar disorder early, mostly before the age of 25, depression started late, mostly in middle age or old age
  2. Symptoms: Bipolar disorder is both a depressive episode, but also a manic or light manic attack
  3. We say that a person’s mental state is not good will be said to be depression, it can be seen that the main symptoms of depression is persistent depression, depression, unwilling to contact with the outside world, and other people’s communication also has resistance, their own blockade in their own world.
  4. Bipolar disorder is a combination of mania and depression, also known as bipolar disorder, the main symptoms of the mood is high, energetic, sometimes low mood, energy decline, there will be a tendency to repeated seizures.
  5. Both symptoms belong to the mental disease, and bipolar disorder is more serious than depression mental illness.

Can bipolar disorder buy insurance?

1. Most will refuse coverage, a small number of coverage.

People with bipolar disorder have a greater risk of underwriting, and many insurance companies will refuse to do so. But some companies say they can cover it.

Many insurance companies for patients with bipolar disorder in the acute period or the last seizure within a year, will generally be deferred treatment, other cases need to be combined with the frequency of seizures, the last seizure time or stop treatment from the time, whether or not to attempt suicide, whether alcohol or drug abuse and other risk factors, comprehensive consideration, In many cases, it can be covered by an increase.

2. Bipolar disorder is good, you can buy insurance, but the conditions are quite many

Whether patients with bipolar disorder who have recovered can buy life insurance and life insurance have different treatment methods.

As long as there is a history of bipolar disorder, in principle, can not buy insurance. But some insurance companies say they can continue to be insured, but they need to provide complete medical history information, such as discharge summary, complete outpatient records, assessment questionnaires, etc.

3. Buy insurance to be depressed, serious illness insurance does not pay

whether a person who has commercial insurance and suffers from bipolar disorder will be compensated,

If the patient is insured against serious illness, because bipolar disorder is not covered by serious illness insurance, so it is not possible to pay. If the patient is covered with the appropriate emergency medical insurance, the cost of the drug used to treat bipolar disorder within the scope of the Medicare reimbursement list can be reimbursed.

Therefore, different insurance companies, for bipolar disorder patients have different provisions, “regardless of” depending on the specific insurance company’s provisions.

Summary: Whether it is bipolar disorder or depression, timely medical treatment is true, of course, also need the understanding and support of the family.

How do parents say no to children?


Whenever you say “no” to your child, he you can’t stand it when you lose your temper and keep crying. No matter what you say or do, he won’t be quiet. You can’t take him and you have to compromise. Once again, you go from saying “no” firmly to saying helplessly, “Okay.” “

You are able to solve this problem. However, you need to understand why you sometimes say no to your child.

What you should know

Rejecting a child doesn’t mean it’s bad for a child. Some parents believe that it is not good to reject a child, and if they do not agree with the child’s request, they should reason, explain or “negotiate” with him. They feel that saying “no” to a child can create resentment, so try to avoid it.

Saying “no” to a child does make him unhappy at first, but it makes him understand the important truth: in real life, there are many things that you don’t want to do. In addition, compromise with your child will weaken your authority and make him think that every time you want something, you can be kept crying. Over time, children will no longer respect you. At the end of the day, how many children respect easy-to-compromise parents?

Saying “no” to a child can help him meet the challenges ahead.The first is to let him learn to self-control. Children know how to make their own, and by the time they are teenagers, they won’t be so likely to take drugs or have premarital sex because of peer pressure.

Saying “no” to a child can also help him adjust to life as an adult. Dr Sdaqat said: “The truth is that what the adults want may not be available. …… If a parent lets his child think that he wants anything to be sent to him, it’s not really good for him.”

What can you do?

Remember your goals you must want your child to be a conscientious, reliable, mature, emotionally stable person in the future. But if you’re responding to him now, it’s hard to get there. The Bible says that a man who is pampered from a young age will grow up ungrateful. Say no, remember, you are the parent, so you don’t have to talk to your child, as if you need him to agree to your decision. Of course, after the child grows up, need to exercise understanding, learn to distinguish right from wrong, so there is no mistake with the child reasoning. However, avoid constantly explaining to your young child why you refused his request, or he will assume that your decision can be changed.

Stick to your guns sometimes your child will keep begging, or yelling, trying to shake your resolve. If it were at home, what could you do? The Secrets of 100 Educating Outstanding Children book has this advice: “Try to separate yourself from your child.” You can say, ‘If you’re in a lot of sadness, there’s nothing you can’t do, but I don’t want to hear it. So you have to go back to your room. You can continue to bark there until you are ready to stop. At first you may not be used to being so strict with your child, and your child may not be able to accept it immediately. But when he sees that your position is firm, he will be more willing to accept your discipline.

Although you should not compromise because the child is crying, if the child’s request is reasonable, you may as well agree to him.

How Drug Addiction Should Control "Heart Addiction"

Drug addiction is a kind of chronic encephalopathy that is very easy to recur, so drug users not only have physical addiction to drugs, but also have a strong mental dependence, that is, “heart addiction”.

Physiological detoxification can be used drug addiction treatment, the body toxin in the course of treatment will self-metabolism out of the body, after the withdrawal symptoms are good, short time, three or five days to a week, but with the increase in the number of withdrawals or the increase in the amount of drugs, physiological detoxification and recovery period will be extended accordingly. Psychological drug addiction treatment mainly depends on their own, but also a relatively long-term process, the brain can’t forget the direct pleasure brought by drug use or by the drug brought by the additional pleasure (such as crystal meth, escape from society, rebellious and so on), in familiar with the environment, encountered the past circle of friends, mood swings, and even insomnia, thinking can be induced, This gives rise to a kind of inner anxiety, hope to take another sip of the thought, weak will or relax the vigilance will not be able to control. And drug use once found by friends or family around, by the associated social “discrimination effect”, will also make its mentality change, resulting in self-absorption behavior.

Drug addiction treatment actually know that getting rid of physical addiction is not a very painful thing. All drug addicts can endure physical pain, but many people can’t put up with the idea of poisoning. Even after drug treatment back to society, the old environment, the temptation of old drug friends and social, family and other factors, or because of family breakdown, career failure, hopeless future, or because of long-term drug addiction treatment in Pakistan, the initial attitude to drug relaxation, as well as the inner obsession with drug-related sexual temptation, Driven by a variety of mentality and circumstances, they finally return to the path of drug abuse. Another important reason is that the long-term drug-taking life has allowed drug users to establish that kind of depravity, indulgence and “isolation” of life habits and ways, and long-term drug use of human nerves and all aspects of the damage, resulting in drug users lost their ability to learn, for the later personality and social role reconstruction has brought great obstacles, Makes drug users can’t control addiction well, easy to return to the old way. These are indeed the best excuses for relapse, but in fact through scientific and effective physical and psychological treatment, changes in their own cognition and the beginning of re-learning, as well as the re-establishment of new interests and social roles, practice effective stimulation-transfer-reflection mechanism, can avoid relapse.

Psychologists’ research tells us that drug users, or drug abusers, often experience “heart addiction” naturally or naturally as they face various difficulties and unpleasant situations as they change physically and psychologically. The so-called “heart addiction” refers to drug abusers after a certain day of physical detox treatment, will still exist for a long period of time drug dependence, physical mental dependence or abnormal psychological dependence, it manifests as the extreme instability of the heart, there is a sense of turning the river into the sea, unable to focus on any daily life and work, Show a strong psychological desire for drugs or drugs associated with sex and other entertainment pleasures, at this time only hope to take another sip or contact the original toxic circle to meet their inner indulgence feelings. This feeling can in fact prolong the frequency and duration of each heart attack, as well as the degree of discomfort at each episode, through effective and formal drug intervention, timely inner attention transfer or dispersion, self-suggestion, etc.

Willing Ways was established few years ago, is specialized in voluntary family drug addiction treatment in Pakistan and re-absorption professional registration guidance institutions.

The center currently has many chief physicians, professors, senior psychological consultants, and drug treatment professional tutors. Center specially employed with national physicians, second-level psychological consultants qualified as the national “drug treatment mentor” 42, drug treatment service love volunteers more than 30.

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